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Springtime Secrets for Glowing Skin and a Healthy Body

The shift from Winter to Spring serves as ample inspiration for many of us to hit the ‘Refresh’ button. With the return of sunny days, it’s time to bid farewell to the chilly winter months. It’s also the perfect time to invigorate your winter-to-spring skincare routine, transitioning from winter’s embrace to a revitalising spring regimen. There are a couple of things that you need to do differently to restore the radiant look of the largest organ in your body.

A few daily rituals, the use of crucial Spring skincare essentials, and some tips to prepare as the winter season departs and to help get the glow back. All of these essentially make up your Spring skincare routine. Keep reading to learn more about the routine that you must follow to maintain healthy, youthful skin.

Spring Skin Care Tips

Your Spring skincare regime should typically consist of three main tasks: preparing the skin for spring and post-winter, pampering the skin using the right skin care products, and following simple rituals daily to keep the Skin oxygenated.

, Springtime Secrets for Glowing Skin and a Healthy Body

Preparing the Skin for Spring

The indoor heating used during the cold season and the chilling dip in mercury levels outdoors can adversely affect the skin cells. Most people experience dryness and itching skin conditions. Therefore, preparing for the months ahead is important 

Tip#1: A Season-Specific Facial to revive your skin.

First things first, before springtime hits in full force, go in for an uplifting facial. Instead of listening to not-so-experts on social media, get help from professionals because we know the best plan with the greatest benefits for your skin, that’s what we are trained to do!  A facial massage helps hydrate the cells. It infuses proper blood flow and circulation, which initiate the repair process, especially the damage to the skin cells. Professional Skin Therapists will use the correct spring skincare essentials and finger motions to revitalise and repair the face. Correct the hydration levels with Natskin’s New Hydra4 Intensive Hydrating Facial or Natskin Energie Detox for skin prone to congestion or if you spend long periods in front of a laptop.

Tip#2 Exfoliate Regularly

Spring is the ideal time for skin exfoliation, at least twice a week. This is because skin cells tend to die quickly due to dehydration. Therefore, before spring sets in, start exfoliating, as it will help strip off the dead cells and give way to newer cells. The moisture-filled cells will gleam with a distinct glow as you pamper your new skin. A Salon treatment called Deep Sea Peel, for example, uses manual exfoliation with a non-chemical peel that’s soft on your skin and rejuvenates the cells at home we recommended Sothys Gommage or Aspect Illuminating polish 

Tip#3 Hydrating Mask

During the winter, it is natural to lose your natural glow. Therefore, when spring is around the corner, you need to not just exfoliate but also moisturize. Applying a hydrating mask twice a week does the magic as it hydrates the skin. Use masks that are rich in hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5. While hyaluronic acid enables easy environmental moisture absorption, vitamin B5 supports cell repair. We recommend Sothys Hydra4 plumping mask or Aspect Hydrating sheet masks 

Tip#4 Sunscreen is the Lifeblood for Spring

A key spring skincare essential is using sunscreen daily as spring sets in. All exposed areas need to be protected from heat. This is a prerequisite to preventing sun damage. Choose sunscreens with SPF 50 broad spectrum and the presence of zinc oxide for optimal effect and protection. Stay away from chemical sunscreens. Our go-to Sunscreen, Manola 50+ $28

, Springtime Secrets for Glowing Skin and a Healthy Body

Rituals to Follow During Springtime

Here are the secrets to combating dull skin and getting your glow back: remember that the key is consistency and commitment.

Tip#1: Drink plenty  of Water

Winter is typically a dry season that can leave the skin with rashes, cracks, and moisture-free. You should start hydrating your skin regularly as the weather gets warmer to retain as much water as possible. You must increase your fluid intake; a minimum of 2 liters of water daily. This simple regime will help keep your entire body and skin hydrated. Also, keep your diet rich in high-water vegetables like leafy greens, cucumber, celery, zucchini, and broccoli. You know we love the Beauty Chef Hydrating boost to increase hyaluronic acid from inside out while nourishing the gut.

Tip#2 It’s Time for Cooler Showers

Now that the cold season is over, it is time to shift from steaming hot showers to cooler showers. Hot water can harm the skin in numerous ways. The naturally occurring skin-protective oils get washed away with hot water. Therefore, a part of your spring skincare routine is to go in for colder showers, use a gentle body cream or wash, and avoid soap.

Tip#3 Keep the Skin Moisturised

Moisturizing the skin is a useful winter-to-spring skincare regime. It keeps the cells plump and breathes new life into your skin. You should choose creams and lotions that are completely free of parabens, phosphates, and sulfates. If you have oily skin that tends to sweat excessively or is prone to breakouts, consider light oil-free moisturisers as they won’t block skin pores while offering hydration and protection. For sensitive skin, a creamy-based moisturiser works best to effectively retain moisture and add a protective shield.

For Mature skin, the best moisturiser is a creamy-based product that helps lock in moisture; we recommend a combination of water and oil-based cream. We have an extensive range and price point to help you find the perfect moisturiser.

Tip#5 Exercise Regularly

Daily exercise helps maintain optimal blood flow, supplying much-needed nutrients to the skin at the cellular level. You will find your skin glowing healthily after a few days of fresh air and outdoor exercise.

, Springtime Secrets for Glowing Skin and a Healthy Body

Pampering the Skin During Spring

Tip#1 Right Makeup Items

Applying the right makeup is crucial to maintaining the health of your skin. Avoid applying thick makeup, as it leads to oil buildup and clogging. Also, avoid products that contain chemical formulations. It is always ideal to use products made from organic ingredients. We love the Luk Nourish Tinted Glow $46 or Sothys Energie foundation $82, so check out our complete range of clean make-up, including lip nourish and mascara.

Tip#2 Right Skincare Products 

We have a team of skincare experts to help guide you in finding the right Spring skincare essentials. Serums are the powerhouse of activity for your skin during the warmer months, as they are formulated with active ingredients to combat your specific skin concern. These nutrients keep the cells functioning at their optimal rate, hydrated, and nourished, making your skin glow and feel happy. Similarly, try season-appropriate creams and oils, cleansers, and antioxidant-rich serums to keep your skin rejuvenated during this season. A change of season may mean changing your skincare!

Skincare is essential, irrespective of the season. Winter-to-spring skincare, however, is critical because you would want to safeguard your skin cells from the climatic shock they are exposed to after the cold, dry season. The best way is to consult professionals who have many methods of reviving your skin. Book a treatment with Natskin to revitalise your complexion and regain skin luster.

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