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Clinical Peels


Clinical Peels
Level 1 – Glysalac Pro Peel
Glysalac Pro Peel combines 20% glycolic & 2% salicylic acids to refine the texture of the skin, bring instant radiance, smooth & reveal a brighter and more even complexion. Offering exceptional results on sun‐damaged and prematurely ageing skin also this skin peel will assist in unclogging and smoothing oil‐congested skin to refine the texture of open pores and preventing break‐outs. A series of 5 professional treatments, while using prescribed Sothys professional skin care in home support is recommended for optimal results. This peel may also be added as a prescribe Natskin facial to boost targeted results and maximise benefits. Not recommended for sensitive skins.

Level 2 – Lactic 50%
Advanced skin peel with 50% Lactic Acid to brighten and soften lines and wrinkles, boosting cell renewal.
promotes a smoother, more hydrated skin by encouraging cell turnover and strengthen skin barrier functioning.
Lactic acid is extremely effective at stimulating collagen in fine or mature skin, is non-irritating with no “down- time.
A series of 5-8 peels is recommended, every 2nd week with Sothys Repair Balm at home care support for7 days post treatment
30mins $145 not able to be added to another facial

Level 3 – SA PEEL
This Advanced peel with 20% Salicylic acid unclogs oil-congested skin prone to acne, milia and scaring, this peel refines open pores and brightens skin with hyper-pigmentation tendencies.
We recommend building up to leave 3 peel, only clients on clinical homecare and with correct skin preparation can successfully and safely experience these peels.

The protocol includes a soothing mask, calming recovery gel and a
fragrance-free repairing cream.

A series of 5-10 peels is recommended, every 2nd week with Sothys Regenerative Solution as home 7 days following the treatment
30mins $165

Clinical Peels

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